Real Estate Photography


Top Quality Service

  We want your real estate images to demand attention. When potential home buyers begin their search for their new "happily ever after," they begin online and the images you provide can either turn them away or draw them in for a walk through. Our images leave an impression that stirs the imagination of potential buyers so that they HAVE to see more! 


Our Approach

 Photography to us is an art, an expression of what we see. We cannot simply walk into a home, snap a few photos to hand off. When entering a home, we look for little details that can make a big difference. Our equipment is top of the line and allows us to provide images that are clear, provide even lighting and a real feel for the space of each room. Beyond that, we take the time to edit each image into a piece of art.   


Why Wicklund Productions

 Honestly, we truly ENJOY photographing homes and doing our best to make sure they look their best! We are a husband/wife team who have been serving the Northland for over 8 years with professional photography and real estate photography is a service we have come to love! Let us help your agency stand out from the rest so that potential sellers can't help but come to you and potential buyers can't wait to get in those homes!  

The above images were taken by previous real estate agents and/or other "professional" photographers. Images on the right are provided by Wicklund Productions taken from the same perspective. This gives a really good idea of how our images show off space, the "flow" of a home and provide even lighting. Every image we provide is fully edited. Your seller will be ecstatic over how well these images show off their home and buyers will appreciate the effort you put forth to show them quality. 


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