What to Expect


Congratulations! We LOVE celebrating this time in your life with you in such a unique and fun way. It is our goal to provide pictures that not only capture your outward appearance, but to also allow your inner radiance to shine through… to capture past memories of school years, family life and friends.  

Uniquely You, $250.00 +tax

  • Session Time: Usually 1-1.5 Hours
  • Location: 1-2 Outdoor Locations 
  • Wardrobe Changes: 2-3
  • Online Proofing Gallery to Share with Family/Friends
  • Image Selection: Unlimited (generally 60-100)

Like what you see, but want studio too? Tack on studio time for an additional $50.00. (max of an additional half hour)*$100.00 is non-refundable. 


Please schedule a 20-30 minute consultation to:

  • Customize your session
  • Set a photo shoot date
  • Sign a photo release 
  • Answer questions
  • Pay the session fee

We require full payment of the session fee up front to secure your shoot date. That way you will not have to remember money while you’re getting ready. 

The session fee covers the time, travel and talent of the photographer to work with you one-on-one to create images that are unique to you! It also covers the cost of pre-editing, posting to social media for marketing purposes, your proofing session, etc.


Pictures will be available for viewing within six to eight weeks of your photo shoot. You and whomever should be included in the ordering process will be asked to come back to the studio for an initial viewing of your images. 

You will be provided with a personal proofing website to help in selection of your prints... This link is super helpful to family/friends that live at a distance and want a chance to make selections. A proof book is provided upon request for making notes/keepsake and can be purchased for $50.00.

We provide the option to purchase a disc with printing rights to quantities of 10 or purchasing prints/speciality items. Our order form is below for your reference.

Don't forget to ask about custom grad announcement/invitation designs.

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What to WEar

Recommendations for What to Wear

Bring outfits that you LOVE and that scream YOU! Some suggestions include: sweaters, tees & hoodies, dresses from prom, heels or favorite shoes, jewelry, necklaces, jeans, accessories, hats... You get the point. PARENTS!!! You should be involved with wardrobe selection. 

Girls, steer clear of strapless tops and spaghetti straps if possible. Also, please bring along a strapless bra to hide those straps. Extra will be charged to edit out straps and there's no guarantee you will like the edited outcome. The same is true for tan lines. Also ladies, I would recommend steering clear of skinny jeans or too tight of pants that do not allow you to sit, squat, etc. or cause your skin to hang over. Pants can be so tricky, but sometimes even going one size up makes all the difference in pictures.

Guys, keep those hats and sunglasses off before your photo shoot. Hat hair and dents around your nose will not be your favorite. 

If you are in a sport, dance, band, etc., bring along whatever represents that part of your life.  

I would recommend wearing your hair and makeup the way you normally would. Use a de-frizz product to tame stray hairs and fly-a ways. 

Use a concealer on acne. If you stand 2 feet away from a mirror and can't see it, it won't show in your images. If it does show up, I can easily edit it out with a quick click so don't fret!!!  

And don't forget about those fingernails and toenails... Clean them, freshly paint them or file them.  

Ordering Details

Ordering Details

You can stop by to place the order (especially if you have any questions) or you can call me or email your order. 

When can I expect my print order to arrive and when is the latest I can order prints? Please allow 6-8 weeks. Orders must be received by March 1st of your graduating year.  

Can I scan my prints or proof book images and upload them to Facebook or other social media? Because images are copywritten, you may not do so. However, if your purchase printing rights to an image(s), you are more than welcome to share those images electronically. 

If I purchase a disc, can I upload those pictures to Facebook or other social media? Yes! We'd love it if you include our name in the title so your friends and family know where to go for their senior pictures! :)  

Do you have a release form so we can take our prints to another company and order more prints? No. Purchasing prints does not give you permission to make copies through other businesses, with your own home printer, etc. Again, these images are copywritten. What if I ordered a disc? Yes. By all means, print away!  

Do you have a release form so I can get grad cards designed and printed elsewhere? If you would like to have another company design and print your grad announcements, you will need to purchase printing rights to individual images for $35.00/image. You may not take a print in to another business and have them use the image for cards. However, once you do purchase printing rights, you may also take the electronic image and order prints elsewhere. What if I ordered the disc?Again, yes. Have at it! :)  

What kind of editing can you do and is there an extra charge? Truly, we can do anything from clearing your complexion to removing braces. Examples of editing that is included with your print price are complexion, removal of stray hairs, harsh shadow reduction, black and white/sepia, whitening teeth, etc. What is not included are things like removing braces, bra straps, adding your name/year of graduation to your image, etc. The latter examples will incur an additional fee and require you to request it. 

Grad Announcements


Custom You

You are unique. Your images should be a reflection of who you are and grad announcements/invites are just one more awesome opportunity to let your style shine. No templates are used. Every design is unique.


Top Quality

We will use 3-5 of your personal favorite images to design your cards, without you having to purchase printing rights. Your cards will truly be one of a kind and as custom as you want from design to content.


Why Wicklund Productions?

Because we LOVE working with you on this project! Designing grad announcements, helping you customize your text, and getting these to you quickly is one of our favorite things to do!

Extended Portfolio

Want to see more of what we do? Click HERE to see an extended portfolio.

Tips and Pics

Questions about what time of the year to book? Want to know the difference between hiring a professional vs. a family member to take your pics? How about ideas on who to book? Check out this catalog designed by Wicklund Productions featuring local photographers and including tips and pics from us to you!